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This is                  our Story

My name is Annie. I am a middle school science teacher in the New York City Public School System.  My husband Al,  is a long-time hotel finance professional. We both love to travel whenever there is an opportunity to do so.


We used to live in New York City and drive 2 hours to the Catskills on weekends lugging our backpacks for the overnight camps on some of its beautiful 3,500-ft peaks.  In early 2020,  as the pandemic started to ravage the whole country, we moved to Dutchess County.  This enable us to enjoy our passion in trail biking, hiking, and backpacking on weekends.  We have since relocated to the vibrant Westchester County in order to strike a great balance between country and urban life.


In one of our treks, I suggested to Al that we make our foray into the exciting world of urban vertical farming.  I realized several years ago that micro-greens would provide the best nutrition possible for a plant-based diet practitioner like myself.  I have a natural affinity for plants and enjoy the challenges of caring for them.  I teach Life Science in middle school and I always emphasize sustainability and community awareness. 

I hope that you will share our excitement in this journey.


This is                our Farm

We produce the best microgreens for home and restaurant consumption by:

  • Using only curated high-quality organic and non-GMO seeds.

  • Avoiding the of use of agricultural chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, etc.

  • Using only organic soil and fertilizers.

  • Using growing NSF-compliant equipment, including racks,  HPDE trays,  and natural growing pads.

  • Using superior Kangen filtered water to irrigate our plants. 

  • Configuring our growing areas to maintain hygienic conditions

  • Packaging our products using mason jars, recycled paper, bagasse, and compostable PLA plastic.


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